Saturday, March 17, 2012

Works in Progress

This cotton was soaked in soda ash and dryed, ironed, and stamped with thickened Procion dye.  When it dried, I tied one piece up with rubberbands and folded the other tightly.
bound for the dye pot
They both went into low-water immersion dye pots and sat there overnight.
Here's what they look like all ironed out.  I have them on the design wall at this point, considering my next move. 

The rest of the work week was spent finishing my wearable art for next month's show.  Here are a couple more peeks:
head gear

Spring equinox is right around the corner!


  1. Great new fabrics! Have a great Sunday. xo

  2. Nice combination of printing and dyeing, and fun "headgear". Its 70 degrees here and sunny.... WAY early for this. But I'm heading out to rake a bit of the gravel the plow guy dumped on my garden. Climate change seems very real right now....

  3. Sus, I said to myself, "I wonder what Sus has been up to this weekend?" and I am blown away! Absolutely amazing sewing on your wearable art pieces! Gorgeous fabrics created. I'm in awe my friend, awe!

  4. Great deying Sus, (grapes make wonderful trees ...) and the dragon is getting more and more spikes...
    Glad spring is in the air !!!
    Have a good week !

  5. I love seeing all these works in progress. I bet your studio is a fun place.
    I think we're getting a bit of SE Alaskan weather down here in AZ. I saw snowflakes yesterday and sideways rain. Good studio weather anyway.
    xoxo Kim


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