Thursday, March 15, 2012

Monochrome Challenge

The Fiberactions challenge this time was to create with a monochromatic palette (one color plus black and white).  Hope you enjoy seeing details of the two pieces I finished in response to this excellent creative limitation.
'Moonlight Flight'; 21"x14.5"; textile paint and machine quilting on commercial cotton

'Village'; 15"x42.5"; textile paint and machine quilting on commercial batik

I used textile paints applied with brushes and my own original rubber stamp designs.   All the stitching is done on my Viking ‘Lily’ sewing machine with some metallic threads for accent in the blue piece.    
The batting is two layers of cotton flannel.  The binding is rat tail cord zigzagged around the raw edges.


  1. Both beautiful, I especially like "Moonlight Flight", its a bird, blue and moon thing, I'm sure!

  2. It's especially nice to see the details.

  3. This is even more beautiful, seeing the close-ups!

  4. Oh you make me want to sew beautiful things like you make! Monochromatic themes are always a fun challenge. You did good Sus.

  5. okay, sus, so WOW... beautiful, beautiful work!


  6. Sus, both are great work !
    LOVE Moonlight Flight best though.
    Thanks for showing us so many detail photos!

    (you have a Husqvarna ? well, I must try the cord/zigzag binding !!! still need a binding for the 12 (sorry 11 :-( ...) little quilts I made in 2010 !)

  7. Sus, they're breathtaking! Wonderful work as always.

  8. OK, researching the Viking Lily as we speak, my machine has had it's day....

    just LOVE love love the pink one, the colors just melt into each other..

  9. Hi, Sus. One word: beautiful! Thanks for showing your interesting edging. I've not been successful in coming up with alternatives to bias binding.
    best, nadia

  10. Thanks to all of you for your lovely comments - I really appreciate your thoughts.
    Grrl, the Viking Lily is a great all round machine - not the most expensive that Husquavarna makes, but does all I need her to do. (The pink is my favorite, too). xxoo,sus


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