Saturday, August 18, 2012

Cards to Play House With - drawing challenge

Ariane named the game for this week’s drawing challenge: Playing Cards.

I recently received my new business cards from the wonderful MOO and was glad to put my old ones to good use for the challenge.  I sanded the gloss down…
 …and gessoed them on both sides.
 Spent most of the week thinking up what my cards would be about, and had fun inventing suits for imaginary games, settling at last on a set of more or less domestic playing cards.

Daily drawing - Study for cards; Pigma pen and gouache in 8"x6" gamma sketchbook
Daily drawing - Study for cards; Pigma pen in 8"x6" gamma sketchbook
studio working sketchbook
 My suits are Irons, Letters, Spoons and Rings.
Four cards: 3.5"x2"; acrylic and Pigma pen with gel transfer & paper collage on recycled business cards

The One of Irons
The Two of Letters
The Three of Spoons
The Four of Rings
 Do stop at Ariane's place to see more clever cards at play.


  1. Your drawings make me happy :)

  2. Sus
    these are to die for!
    I seriously love them the materials used the imagery the mixing of the media the fact that you repurposed the old cards.

    Great post

    Helen x

    PS: perhaps you should explore the card theme a little further?

  3. oh sus, I'm enchandted by your cards! each one is more beautiful than the last! I love the idea, the method of collage and painting, the motives - all is really amazing!
    It would be great, to see more of them. how many old business cards do you still have? ;-)

  4. great recycling of your old business cards

    when i first saw the iron sketch, with the cups above, i thought, yep, that card is me, endless cups of tea or coffee to procrastinate on the pile of ironing :-)

    what fun creating your own game of cards :-)

  5. loving to see your process
    and wow....
    that outcome
    on tiny business-cards
    truly beautiful

    Patrice A.

  6. Wow your cards are an absolute hit - love them, what a brillant idea and I love your drawing process too!
    And I agree with mano, would be great to see more of them - I guess that would be something which could be sold easily, some sort of desperate housewife playcards!
    xx Barbara

  7. These cards are great to play with Sus (what infact you already did ;-)... !)
    Love the simple black white and gold !
    Are you inventing a set of rules too ?

  8. oh, I am impressed, your cards and the way you developed them are amazing! Beautiful!
    Nice to meet you, too, x Stefanie

  9. Wowzer Sus, your playing cards are beautiful! I love them and their theme. Are you thinking about making a complete set? They would make a marvellous bridal shower gift for the bride. Do you have enough for a full deck of cards? I can only imagine how wonderful the jokers would be! xo Carole

  10. my, my! plain wonderful! irons, letters, spoons and rings. .. such rich imagination too! i love the iron, by the way. if only mine would come up that literate, i might write that novel! ...
    wonderful works, sus.

  11. Dear Sus,
    first it is great to see your colourful workplace!
    And on, your playing cards are truly wonderful! Love the whole process... sanding the glossy.... ha, and cards. The cards with each single motive is beautiful. The gleaming letters, the gold (?) and black. Great!

    Thank you!

  12. wow! i love them, sus!! the symbols, the colors - everything! xoxo

  13. These are wonderful! What a fun idea.

  14. Sus, this post KILLED me! This is insanely creative. I saw it as a modern day witchcraft/domestic goddess set of playing cards. Honestly, they are so fun. They are so female. So domestic, I think that it would be grand if you actually did a whole set in this design and submitted it to a card playing company somewhere in the world. The world needs this set I feel. I can imagine how excited I'd be to get the 'mail' cards in a spread. Awesome art you do!! N. xo

  15. great post and work Sus, always lovely to look behind the scenes, and the result well, fine and funny, i would love to have a game with these x

  16. LOVE your playing cards! How fun to make up your own set. These are great! They make me grin from ear to ear.


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