Saturday, August 4, 2012

CROW - drawing challenge

The drawing challenge this week was proposed by my friend, Carole Reid, a fabulous artist and fellow north-westerner.  Our respective homes lie along the same body of water, the 'inside passage' which runs from Seattle, Washington through islands up along the coasts of British Columbia and Southeast Alaska.  In our part of the world Crows are abundant, along with their larger, more poetic cousins the Ravens, and Bald Eagles, who take themselves very seriously. 
True to their pesky nature, Crows got into my studio as well as my sketchbook this week.  
procion on cotton, detail of larger work in progress

closer view of the above

charcoal pencil in 8x6" gamma sketchbook
You can have a look at lots more Crows over at Carole's blog.


  1. ha! more poetic coousins, the ravens. my point exactly, i think... ;)))
    i see a few cross stitches from last week returning, yes. they are urging to come out, i'm telling ya!
    your charcoal is so chill {my son'd say}

  2. The larger work in progress has the beautiful crow spirit as they love to soar.
    The charcoal pencil drawing shows they're more formidable presence.
    I love both!!!

  3. Oh those crows are soaring gently, gently, while watching, and planning I bet. Don't they look great with the black crosses in the piece. Awesome!!
    And then the crows sit and sit, motionless while watching, and planning I bet. Awesome work as always Sus!! *smiles* Norma, xo

  4. wow! the procion on cotton crows!!!


  5. Dear Susan,
    your wonderful work in progress makes me really wanting more to see! What a wonderful art work... you've captured the nature of the crows in both works so wonderful!

    x Ariane.

  6. Sus, crows have a way of getting into things! Lovely flow to the ones on cotton. I'd like to see more of this....yes that's a hint! And the ones on the branch seem to be resting but I'm sure they're plotting some fun! xo Carole

  7. it's nice to be able to place you on the map :-)
    what a spectacular part of the world you live in
    so much inspiration for your artwork surrounding you every day

  8. Hi Sus
    lovely crows in flight great coloours but I think your dark sombre crow forms in charcoals is just gorgeous.

    Helen :)

  9. i wish i had a fluttering skirt from your colorful painting. love.

  10. Hi Sus, the charcoal crows are my favorite - you captured them in a typical way.

  11. You captured them beautifully! I've been seeing and hearing more crows around here again, too. They always seem more plentiful in August, for some reason.

  12. We have a lot of crows here in Trondheim, Norway. During the day, they are out at the other side of the fjord, doing what crows do, but in the afternoon, they come back by the thousands, to spend the night in town. Incredible. I love your crows; I think crows must be the bird that are the most recognisable of every bird! I loved your colours!

  13. hello Sus, the movement in your first painting is exactly the feeling of crows flying up above my summergarden and the sitting crows have something human too, both different, both great real crows, x

  14. hmmm, the colors, so very delicious!
    i can hear your crows;)
    xx julia


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