Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Cool Weather Picnic

We had a cool weather picnic at Manmade Hole on a recent evening.
Stew and strawberry shortcake were on the menu.
The Sailor and Flossy tried some casts in the Hole to no avail.
I walked about looking - here is some 'chicken of the woods', an edible fungus.

Our maple bush is turning delicately orange.

Leaves are changing everywhere.
Here is a little glimpse of the second piece of beading I have done for the Tongass Rain Forest Festival art show, 'Archipelago', which opens at the Clausen Museum Saturday 09/01.


  1. I LOVE your beadwork! And your picnic spot looks so inviting. The seasons are changing so quickly down here in Wisconsin, too. Dry leave falling off the trees everywhere already.

    Wishing you many more beautiful days like the one you described here.

  2. Dear Sus,
    what a wonderful couple, Miss Gloria & Trixie! So cute and colourful.

    And here next to the images of strong nature, your beading looks so very refreshing and gentle to me. Very pretty!
    I wish you all the best for the Tongass Rain Forest Festival art show, 'Archipelago', this Saturday! Maybe you tell us more, yes?

    x Ariane.

  3. Your beading is so cool, Sus--you've been a busy girl! What a great picnic spot. Can't wait to hear how the show goes. Good luck! xoxo Deb

  4. Your cool weather picnic looks perfectly inviting. I love your rustic menu choices.
    The chicken of the woods fungus also grows here and I enjoy eating it in the fall. Just like chicken.

    I am so intrigued by your beadwork. Your talents are many:).

  5. beautiful picnic place! now fall is coming - I like! your beadwork, too! :-) mano

  6. Sus, you are teasing us with little peaks.....when do we get to see it all? I say stamping my foot with exasperation! Pout, pout!
    A man and his dog. xo Carole

  7. your table made me think 'Alice' and those surroundings are just magical, oh such beauty

    your beading reflect the colours in the photos, glass beads have that same kind of attraction to me that stars have or dewdrops on flowers or butterfly wings,
    beautiful work! x

  8. Love your picnic spot and your beading bit. Both beautiful!

  9. I agree with Renilde with the Alice table and this fairytale like autum forrest.

  10. a picnic in paradise
    so much natural inspiration around you every day

  11. thanks for taking me along on your picnic, the creek and the forest look so beautiful...


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