Saturday, August 11, 2012

Some Small Books - Drawing Challenge

Norma set us a daring challenge this week: make a small book.  Long a lover of books and book making, I dived right in despite a busy week of house guests and deadlines.

Fortunately for my loaded schedule, I had some months ago acquired and gessoed three tiny board books which had been languishing on my widow sill ever since.  Painting them was pure pleasure.

Set of three board books, each 2.25"x2.25"x1"

Acrylic paint and paper collage on each leaf

Cover, Book 1

Cover, Book 2

Cover, Book 3
Thank you to Norma for this most helpful challenge, which spurred me on to more painting.  Please stop by Norma's wonderful blog for more small books from exceptional artists.


  1. these are so cute
    miniature booklets
    so inspiring

  2. beautiful! just really very beautiful. a lover of books and of tiny books myself, i am scrolling to and fro to let these beauties bedazzle me.
    i like how it lies in your palm too...
    so pleasurable.

  3. stunning Sus, little pieces of art, image 6 especially caught my eye, i wish i could feel the weight of them and have a closer look, great work!xx

  4. Delightful little beauties, Sus !
    (That energy, envie you !)

  5. All this cute tiny little books are so cute and make me instantly smile - so CUTE!

  6. oh sus, they are all fantastic!!! beautiful paintings on each page!
    I'm a little late, but I have some little books on my blog now! :-) mano

  7. They are wonderful. I love books and small things, and these are precious.

  8. Oh! These books are so colorful and inviting!
    Did you order these blank gesso books?
    Nicely done.
    My little M. A. books actually went out with the invites, so kids could come armed with a history and some inspiration for dress up!
    It was great fun.
    Have a great week!

  9. This must be "board book" weekend! Yours are adorable.

  10. Sus! Isn't it amazing what the muse can do if it has something it has to say and it does not matter what else one might be doing in one's life at the time, the muse will have its' say. I'm amazed at these little treasures. I can see that it must have been so much fun to paint these. I can also see that one might come back and layer even more on them. These are astonishing Sus. I have a two layered wooden spice rack that used to hang on the wall of somebody's kitchen (I obtained it at a thrift store). Now I use it to hold 'little books' and your books would look so good displayed somehow. The spice rack bookholder idea is a good one. It can rest on a shelf or hang on a wall. Eventually mine will hang just inside the door in the hallway. I love this post. *hugs* Norma, xo

  11. These are so charming Sus!I love all your new projects :)

  12. Oh what lovely little books. They look wonderful, and glad you made the time to join in the challenge. I would love to be able to hold them and slowly look through their pages. I am also happy to find another blogger close to my part of the world (I live 159 miles up the road from Haines, Alaska)

  13. These are fabulous altered books. What a good eye for re-purposing.


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