Saturday, April 20, 2013

DC - Tiles

I was lucky enough to receive some very timely photos this week from the incomparable street photographer Denis Shelby:

images of some wonderful tiles which I am pleased to be able show you in response to this week's drawing challenge.

Locally, tiles are not so common, but I gathered what I could.

My friend and mentor Polly Lee made the tiles above as part of a series of work she did in the 1980's.  They grace a shelf in my studio. 

Up at the elementary school, there are mosaic tiles on the exterior wall of the front entrance which were created by the students one year during an Artist in the Schools project.
 The bright colors and sea-theme are perfect for our often rainy harbor town.

Alas, I cannot remember the name of the artist who orchestrated the project. 

I love mosaic work but haven't ever done it myself - well, only one time, thank you Kari, when I made a small paver for our garden.  (Maybe I will show you that some other time).

 I think this is a shrimp.

 The variety of sizes is very appealing in this student's mosaic.

You can find many more examples of tiles over at Ariane's ever so beautiful blog.  Thank you so much for stopping by!  Wishing you a restful Sunday.


  1. Oh, such a wide range of beautiful examples! When I look at those mosaics I just remember the only one I've ever made by myself: it was the top of a table, but I didn't use pieces of tiles but of coloured glass...heaven, it wasn't as easy as I thought! ;o)

  2. funny hare and frogs,
    very sunny entrance,
    the tiles your friend Polly Lee made remember me of stone houses in France,bordered with flowers,
    lovely collection Susan, xx

  3. Beautiful, especially love the first few.

  4. beautiful and interesting collection!
    x Stefanie

  5. bright and colorful post!
    the first two reminds me
    of old buildings a once visit
    in Amsterdam
    and the mosaics
    just sparkling!

  6. What a great cornucopia of tiles Sus! It's fun. They are all so different. But those Polly Lee tiles have me swooning in a serious way. How grand are they. Small scale grandness that is for sure. It must be nice to just be able to look at them in person in your studio as you work away. Lovely thought. N, x

  7. Dear Sus,
    wonderful your collection of beautiful tiles and mosaics!
    That first ones by Selby are strong. The tiles by Polly Lee... pretty! poetic! And the mosaic by the students are most amazing with its variety and togetherness!

    And, Dear... maybe one day you show us the small paver for your garden, would be great.

    Thank you for playing!


  8. The color on the student work is so joyous! Great collection of tiles/mosaics.


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