Saturday, April 27, 2013

DC # 100 - Dance

 Hurry, hurry!  

We don't want to be late - for the DANCE!

pencil in 6x4 studio sketchbook

'Dancing Mermaid' - pigma pen and prismacolor pencil in 8x6 gamma
Thank you, Patrice, for giving a celebratory theme to the 100th Drawing Challenge.  Talented artists are kicking up their heels this week over at her always-stimulating blog.  Waltz on over and join the dance!


  1. love the sketchbook drawings! they have so much joy and fun in them and an onter way to approach the dance theme by showing us animals, wonderful!

  2. Mermaids dancing in the sea.....such a fluid vision you've created here, Sus. xo

  3. Opa! Time to kick up the heels. . . or fins as the case may be! Cindi

  4. O, Sus, I think the mermaid is very thankful that you give her
    the possibility to dance ... at least once !

  5. Wonderful drawing and colors and i love the eyes ¬l¬

  6. What a great dance it is! Even the Mermaids get to join in! What fun. Love your pencil sketches too!

  7. Hello Susan!!

    been awhile but Im back just in time for the 100th DC I love your drawings especially the top one very cute figures so lively.

    Hope Flossie dog is well big hugs

    Helen x

  8. oh this is a dreaming dance - beautiful! she is a beauty!
    ha, and I love the animals want to dance with us, too, I like them!
    x Stefanie

  9. Wow, even the colours are dancing in this drawing! And those animal sketches are so cute! Lovely dance support! :o)

  10. great inspiration in such a thoughtful and spring)like radiance of colour. love the composition too!

  11. hello Susan,
    your hurrying animals are cute
    and i love looking at your second drawing. looks like a wonderful group doing this prompt.

  12. my first thoughts were of animals dancing and I love how they are all entwined in the dream or thoughts- so colorful too- really beautiful!

  13. What a lovely whimsical drawing. Everything is dancing.

  14. ...dancing in and out of a head/mind/fantasy, thats a wonderful feeling! xox julia

  15. those dogs!

    your drawing so full of dance
    dancing lines
    colors and figures
    a happy balloon
    there is so much to see
    like a dream

    thank you for playing
    and dancing!

    Patrice A.

  16. Love your fast sketch as much as your playful mermaid drawing with dance, music and dreams come true.
    xo Barbara

  17. so much details in your drawing Sus, floating movement,a dancing balloon too, how lovely, my eyes climb up and down and smile, fine sketches too, xx

  18. I'll really happy when I look to your beautiful mermaid drawing!! and the dogs and cat are so funny, love them!
    :-) mano

  19. Beautiful beautiful dancer, your grace moves me in appreciation and wonder. This is a gorgeous rendition of the dance in the element of water. Beautiful work Sus!! N, xo
    p.s. yes, running animals very fabulous. I'd love to cuddle with them once they are settled down.


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