Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Influence: David Dunlap

The practice of daily drawing was one I first learned of in grad school when artist David Dunlap visited our seminar and impressed upon me the benefit of this ritual.
Although I have not always been true to this goal in the (many) intervening years, I have made  drawing a part of my daily routine as important as brushing my teeth since participating in the Sketchbook Project in 2010.
Here are a few of my drawings from the past week:
water color, metallic watercolor and water soluable pencil

inktense pencils and water soluable pencil

pigma pen, inktense pencils and watercolor pencils
These are all  drawn in an 8"x6" Stillman & Birn 'gamma' sketchbook. 
Happy mid-week to you, dear Reader.


  1. Hi Sus, I just posted about daily routine and what comes together and here is the proof! I like your colorful and dreamy drawings, especially the first one speaks to me, it is like remembering a dream or being right their.Go ahead, its worth it!
    xxx Barbara

  2. Brushing teeth and drawing..don't you ever stop !..i love daily commitments ;–)
    The sketchbook Project is wonderful.

  3. You are much more dedicated to your drawings than I have been this month, Sus. It must be the warmer sunny days.....which by the way have sneaked into you colourful drawings! xo Carole

  4. A very good practice!! I just bought some inktense pencils.. not cheap! Well, is ANY art supply? Oh well, nice to see what you're up to... happy hump day.

  5. Love the energie that oozes out of the first one !!!
    (ha Wednesday, was our mandala evening ;-) !)

  6. very particular, and as i've come to 'know' you a little,... very you. :)))

  7. I'm still struggling with the idea of a daily routine--so many goals and so little time, it seems. I do have the daily habit of THINKING about drawing!

    This week, a concerted effort will be made to meet that goal. All the stacks of sketchbooks in your studio, and these lovely images are inspiration. Cheers, Cindi


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