Wednesday, April 24, 2013


We have been waiting in winter's chilly grip.
acrylic monoprint on Japanese paper,8"x10"
 Over on Kupreanof, the wolf pack has been howling at the waxing Moon.

acrylic monoprint on Japanese paper, 8"x10"

acrylic monoprint on Japanese paper, 8"x10"
Today the rain is back, and with it, warmer temperatures.
acrylic collage on watercolor paper, 10"x12", work in progress
We hope that spring will...


  1. These are really beautiful Sus! I love the layers and transparency- they have so much depth, and the collage elements are wonderful too :)

  2. yes! really beautiful! love them all! :-) mano

  3. Gorgeous fuchsia house, Sus! Very inspiring.

  4. O dear, a wolf pack howling ...
    Sending you warm thoughts and hope spring will soon arrive !

  5. I absolutely LOVE the turquoise and orange piece!

  6. These are awesome, Sus. I especially like the top three with the third one down being my favorite.

  7. What wonderful monoprints Sus! I love them all... and as for that last image with your collage - I can't stop looking at it. I love the colours and so much depth of images. I continue to look and look at them all. BEAUTIFUL!! (I hope the snow that is presently falling or forecast to fall today does not stay... I still have lots of hard shoveling to do!)


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