Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An Extra Day

Monday was a holiday here in the United States, and so, a break from the Mighty Mighty Day Job.  I worked on my silk project at the studio instead. 
My calculations and notes from the prototype design stitched last week, hand-dyed silk organza panels on the left.
The panels dyed up really beautifully.
I drew the cutting line on freezer paper, and traced it onto the silk with pencil.
At mid-afternoon, one third of the panels were edge-finished, and the beauty of the early autumn afternoon drew Flossy and I outdoors.
Mushroom season is upon us.

My friend had a camp set up out the road, and we stayed for a hot dog picnic after walking the Dogs.

A Forest Spirit we met in the beach fringe.
I am beginning to get ready to travel a week from tomorrow.  
Lots of things on the list of things to do.  
Happy mid-week to all!


  1. Awesome silk! Where you off to? Have a lovely journey, wherever you go!

  2. so wonderful that you got to work and create beautiful silk art and also to see mushrooms. I saw some fabulous ones last night, ah, um.

    wishing you a wonderful journey.

  3. love the photos, the first one, the creative process on paper, so nice and the forest spirit, oh look at that, just breathtaking.
    have a nice trip dear Sus, xx

  4. I love the photos of where you live. Your mushrooms are so delicate compared to ours. We are in a dry spell but when it starts raining again I will show you. Big hoary things.
    What is the weights you use in your cutting? I use canned tomatoes, haha.

  5. Hi, Sus. LUV what you're doing with the silks, of course! Smashing colors. Waiting to see the next step!
    best, nadia


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