Sunday, September 1, 2013

Chaos and Order DC

‘Chaos isn’t a pit.  Chaos is a ladder... Only the ladder is real.  The climb is all there is”.
-Little Finger, Game of Thrones 

Well, how appropriate that I should run across this quote from one of my favorite stories of all time as I was doing research for this week’s Drawing Challenge.  And how fitting taken into my own  personal context, painting, where at the outset, chaos is always the order of the day.

'Chaos' - water soluable crayons, casein, and pigma pen in 8x6 sketchbook

chaos: silk organza ready for wash-out
order: silk (dupion and raw) after wash-out and dryer, folded for use
Thanks to Barbara Bee for this interesting challenge.  Please make sure to stop by her eye-popping blog to catch a glimpse of other interpretations of our theme by a variety of highly skilled artists. 

 Wishing you a week of which ever you prefer.  
For me, I'll take the ladder.


  1. What a wonderful quote Sus !!!! (must remember that one !)
    Great too since ladders are always in your work (ha, that says something too ;-) !)

    Oh my, aaaaaall these lush greens ..... it will be góód to use these
    Happy week Sus !

  2. Yes I like that quote too and now I can see what makes you stumble over all the green guys in my post: Well done chaotic drawing and I love all the silk you've made would fit perfectly as cusions in my bedroom! The last pic with the popping red in all that bright green is wonderful.
    Wish you also a nice week on the ladder.
    Barbara Bee

  3. Lovely post - great quote and I just want to touch all that gorgeous silk.

  4. yes great quote, ladder and all...made me smile and wonder, maybe you already painted that quote before you ever heard it dear Sus,
    love the way she holds her hand in this drawing,

    the most beautiful late summer greens and the blue of Mahonia berries, xx

  5. your art is fun and feels good to me

    such pretty silks, the colors are eye candy

    fun that the quote appeared for you
    i have come across so many blogs that have been mentioning chaos this week, so interesting

    lovely week to you.

  6. amazing silks, sus! have a great week. xo

  7. just great - brilliant green, love it in chaos and in order...!
    :-) mano

  8. Ah, Game of Thrones!! how difficult it is to wait for the next season, right? :)))
    I love your painting, chaotically beautiful.
    Thanks for your comment you are very kind :))

  9. I love your green chaos-order and the red apple dot is a perfect spot:) Leena

  10. I love your green chaos-order and the red apple dot is a perfect spot:) Leena


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