Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Fooling Around with the Locals

While here in Denver I had a bit of time to put my new-found enthusiasm for dyeing with plants to use.  I researched a few of the neighborhood trees to make sure they were not toxic, and made a brew of bundles with sumac, cottonwood, and honey locust leaves, pods and bark.
kettle from thrift store holding bundles of cotton/linen blend also from the thrift store
My parents were intrigued and very patient.  Not much color, but a nice tea-dyed effect.  I definitely have some more learning to do!

I am heading back to the West Coast day after tomorrow, and on up to Home and Flossy on Sunday. 
Mother's studio window ledge
Will catch up with you here in Blogland on Sunday evening, Dogs Above willing.  Best wishes to all 'til then!


  1. Enjoy the last bit with your parents in Denver ;-)

    I know, this looks all too familiar : dyeing with plants that didn't quite turn out the way I wanted it to .... a lot to learn, you say it !!!

  2. I love the green, but then what happens when you wash it?

  3. I hope to catch up to you this week and hear more about your trip. My daughter will be in town!


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