Wednesday, September 11, 2013

traveling tomorrow

part of my recent exhibit - work squeezed onto one wall now
I am getting ready to leave Mitkof Island tomorrow morning heading for Lopez Island and Wayfarer's Windfall Workshop with India Flint.

Last Friday evening was the  opening of my solo show at one of our local galleries.  The event was well attended and exciting, and I spaced taking pics so will just share a couple taken the next morning after the gallery put all the work together on one wall.

sorry about the reflection on the glass... poor photos, I know

I am traveling light and may be taking a week off from posting here - you can find me on Instagram in the mean time.  Peace be with you.


  1. How exciting that you are taking an India Flint workshop!
    I sure wish that I could see your exhibit in person, so close yet so far away.
    All those red dots...sold? congratulations! I'm not surprised.
    I also came here to thank you for your kind words of support on my blogpost about my dad. means a lot to me.
    Have a great trip and I look forward to seeing how you manifest your new techniques in your art.
    xo Kim

  2. have a great time . she is a good teacher and fun . i look forward to seeing what you do .

  3. Shall be grand ;>D

    And look at all those red dots ~ CONGRATS!

  4. Have a wonderful time with India...she and I follow each other blogs and are planning to finally meet after her workshop for dinner.
    You are very fortunate.

  5. Travel safely! See you tomorrow!

  6. Have a great trip and thanks so much for your color input on my blog. I am going to give those three a try!

  7. Ha, it appears to be e great solo !
    (I see a lot of little red dots !!!)

    I wish you (and Suzanna) a VERY VERY WONDERFUL TIME over there with India !!!!!

    (I'm very, very jealous !!!)

  8. Ahhh ánd Christi too !
    Have fun all of you !

  9. Your show looks great Sus. And I see lots of red dots, congratulations.
    I love Lopez, hope you have a great time at the workshop.

  10. Have a wonderful time. India Flint is very cool.

  11. oooh, a workshop with India Flint!!!!
    your show looks fine
    congrats and

    Patrice A.

  12. congrats to your exhibition with all those red dots!
    :-) mano


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