Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Expansion and Balance

I doubt there is anything more effective for weeding out inessentials than the specter of a major move and The Sailor, Flossy and I are planning a big one.  We will be expanding our territory to Seattle early this spring to live nearer the Port of Tacoma where the Sailor ships from and closer to my parents and our kids.  We are keeping our home here in Alaska, making this more of an expansion than a permanent relocation.  

Cleaning and organizing my studio has occupied the past several weeks.   

I’ve enjoyed making discoveries of treasures I had stuck away in cupboards and boxes over the past 15 years since my last studio move.  

The New Year is a good time for change.  The decision to leave our comfortable home and dear friends on this Island – even temporarily - is not an easy one.  Sometimes I feel I am setting my life on fire, but hope it will turn out to be the lighting of a Roman candle. 

To help me stay in balance during this upheaval, I signed up for an on-line class recommended by several of you here in Blogland: Carla Sonheim's 'Gelli Plate Print Making'.  Yesterday I did the first lesson and boy was it FUN.  
Here is where I ended the first print session, all set for the next lesson in which I will continue to add layers to these starts.

Carla's teaching style is marvelously low-key, friendly and warm.  As you may know, I have some gelli plate experience, but am getting a ton of fresh new ideas for mono printing  and highly recommend this class no matter what your level of experience with the medium.

close-up of one of the prints I began yesterday in Carla's class
Our roots here are deep – Alaska will always be home, no matter how long or far away I am. 
I hope you will hang in there with me as this adventure progresses.  Best wishes for 2014 and good luck to all in this year of the Wooden Horse.  
 We’ll need it!


  1. Your treasures are so picturesque! Thanks for the reminder of Carla's class. I had temporarily put away the gelli plate in order to may way for the holidays (and meals, since the whole operation takes over the dining room table). Yes, you are setting your life on fire, and I expect to see the glow from Seattle over our horizon!! Happy New Year. xxx

  2. I wish you all the best on your new adventure!

  3. How exciting! A change of scenery. All the best Susan!

  4. Sus, wishing you the very best for your impending roman-candle-lighting. Hugs from Minnesota.

  5. Sus, these monoprints are very promising, as is your leap to a new home! I wish you all the best with both, and a very happy and healthy new year!

  6. Great monoprints, sus! So glad you're taking Carla's class ~ short, sweet and definitely inspiring! Beeg and I will be right here as you go through your move. Hope this year brings you peace, happiness, good health and lots of new adventures! xo

  7. Lovely work (as usual!) and so much luck to you on the move- very exciting!! to say the least- nice to look at it as expansion- then one can always retreat back to Alaska
    when needed rest is required :)
    Hugs! in the new year !!

  8. I love your prints Sus! Looking forward to how these progress. Congrats. on your move. Change is a real yin/yang experience. Hugs, Norma, x

  9. We're sure going to miss you around here, Sus, but look forward to hearing about and seeing the fruits of your upcoming grand adventures.

  10. I love to see all the little treasures! & cool prints Sus!
    From all the good i wish you the best for this year :)

  11. Happy New Year, Sus! and lots of love and good wishes to you, Flossy and the Sailor as you go through the preparations for this new chapter...

  12. and closer to me! Seattle is so close to Vancouver Island! Yipee! Me must plan a meet up for coffee and art talk! I don't envy the sorting and packing though. Take care, dear Sus.


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