Sunday, January 19, 2014

Numen - DC

Our hostess, Tammie Lee presented us with the word 'numen' for the first drawing challenge of 2014. Looking for the Numen of the place I live, I had this vision:

Earlier in the week, I drew this:

Riding confidently on her flying Totem, I think this represents my personal Numen during this present time of preparation for our major move. 


  1. Good Lord, woman, this is a killer drawing. I can't say how I adore it. Those red boots on that green snake. And that it is reined is awesome. I love it beyond description. One of my all time faves. for sure. Happy moving to you. To quote the "I CHING" - Life is change. I wish I better knew this. I'm far too much of a scaredy cat to make changes willingly. Love your art. Norma, xo

  2. oooh
    the spirit in each of these pieces is gorgeous
    dreamy wonderful
    and tangible numen
    thank you so much for joining us!

  3. good luck with your major move!
    Numen is so strong in you and your inspiration, we see and feel it in your drawings.
    have a nice week x Stefanie

  4. ha. yes. the move.
    yes, i believe you scooped up the necessary dreamscape for the move. funny, and lucky, this comes out flowing from our hands. courage, and do let us know when you need (numen-atic) help!
    the red boots stand!

  5. What beautiful artwork Susan! I especially love the vibrant and WILD nature of the second drawing and the depiction of the seasons!!! Very nicely done and wonderful 'numen!' Thank you so much for visiting and hope you return! Cheers!

  6. dear Sus, your second drawing oozes confidence, woman and her totem hidding in the same direction, the red boots make me smile,

    your landscape numen, very recognizable, tangible as i saw and felt it in the beautiful photos you've posted before of your place there, the scent of pines is filling my nostrils looking at it, wonderful.

    you are moving dear? (did i miss this during my absence) well very good luck , xx

  7. I love the power in your drawings, that is the spirit! The second one reminded me a bit of the art Niki de Saint Phalle.
    Good luck with your moving, If I can do it, you sure can!!!!

  8. Ha, mother nature riding on a snake...that's powerful and strong!
    The first drawing reminds me of my own idea of numen.
    Both very spiritual! Great!

  9. Gorgeous..both such beautiful pieces! the first one of nature brings such peace and bliss! And the second piece is so captivating, richly-symbolic..a journey of soul and spirit..and a very magical dreamy-like energy! Love it!

  10. surely surrounded by forests, númen is always near you, forests are probably itself a númen.
    I love both illustrations :)

  11. Beautiful Sus! and I really like the confident part- she looks like she's ready to take on the world! and I'm sure that's just what you'll do :)

    The landscape is just like a photo I saw here awhile back- something you take with you :)

  12. That's the spirit Susan! I love the idea of being strong against anything, like a totem standing out in all weather; like the totems in in Haida Gwaii. Hope your move goes well. :)

  13. The forest scene is lovely but I see seasons in the second drawing. Your numen will be experiencing the riot of spring soon in your new home, with all the attendant colors, odors and sounds. I can't wait to see how they are incorporated into your work!

  14. What a fantastic drawing! I love the various elements like trees, the reined snake and the wonderful lady in red boots riding confidently on!

  15. The frosty Numen winter scene is nice, but the 2nd drawing is so powerful with all the signs and layering, this drawing is full of Numen.
    Barbara Bee


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