Sunday, January 26, 2014

DC: Crystal

Our wonderful Norma, The Fairy Yellow Bug Queen, is the mastermind behind the Drawing Challenge this time, with 'crystal'.

One of our more prominent landmarks in the area is called Crystal Mountain.

Crystal Mountain reflects beautifully in Blind Slough, right above the rapids.  On Thursday after work, we encountered a nice flock of trumpeter swans gliding around on those glassy waters.

On Friday, we took the afternoon off to enjoy a rare crystal clear day for a winter picnic out at Green's Camp.

The Sailor built us a great beach fire.  Flossy helped, of course.

 The sun set was spectacular.

 We lingered until the stars started to come out.

Later, in my sketch book, this drawing appeared:

I advise heading over to The Fairy Yellow Bug Queen's lovely place for links to other wonderful artists' interpretation of this theme.


  1. Crystal mountain is gorgeous draped in fog
    looks like a wonderful outing
    your art if fab!

  2. Hi sus, your crystal clear photos are breathtaking, soo wonderful, WOW! I really like how the beauty and wonder of nature appeared in your dreamy drawing - wonderful colors also!
    xo Barbara bee

  3. what an enchanted spot! and so lucky to have it as inspiration for your lovely drawing :)
    Those swans and that fog - really what a gem! :)

  4. Those photos are stunning - and the sketch booking result so unexpected. Lovely!

  5. How lovely! Your drawing is awesome, as always!

  6. Beautiful photos, Sus. Now I'm wondering why we didn't get out the road ourselves. Also, I love all the colors in your "crystal hat." Maybe that should be your design for the wearable art show?

  7. You're enjoying to the nth degree, the beauty of your surround and it is an homage to the Great Mother Herself that you share the beauty with us all (lucky us) and that you light a great fire by the water. You will be moving on from this beauty, and going to a place with a different kind of beauty. I know you will be sharing it with us ahead, when you do move. Well what a gal Flossy is, such a help hey? Your drawing comes from where? Some place magical and unexplainable. I see two ladders here. And those crystals coming from the tree! Oh those crystals. Love at first sight they are. Thanks Sus! Norma, x

  8. I enjoy your crystal clear pictures very much. this mountain is so great!
    and your beautiful drawing too!
    :-) mano

  9. your drawings are always so clean, and i don't mean it mean, either...
    i always have smudges everywhere, also because i favour them, but then i'm in awe when i observe your absolute untaintedness. you know?
    such views. you almost do not wish to leave, right?

  10. Your crystal goddess is beautiful, as are those stunning photos!

  11. Beautiful crystals, both in the Alaskan landscape and in your drawing. I love how you incorporated some ladder imagery!

  12. oh Sus, that crystal montain takes my breath away, those photos! magical, the light, the mist, the reflection...i see in your drawing the clarity being out there must bring into one's head, joy also of being a part of it, connected, fine work, xx

  13. Omigod the mountain. We just don't have real mountains in Australia, the continent is too old. I miss them painfully. Thank you for the beautiful photos.

    I saw your Google+ profile and just realised that you went to U of W as well! xx Z


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