Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Sunset - New Year's Day

After raining savagely all day, the sunset on the first day of 2014 seemed like a really good omen.

 I took these from our beach and deck looking across the Wrangell Narrows to Kupreanof Island.

Time: right about 3pm - we are gaining daylight slowly but steadily.

Back in my studio the end of the week, I worked on mono-prints.  The sunset I witnessed seems to have slipped into my work.

Not quite my own yet, but I have a good sense of where to take the process next.  What are you starting the year with?


  1. Nice images Sus!

  2. love these photos, and the piece of work at the year is off to a slow start!

  3. happy 2014 dear Sus,
    lovely sunset and great interpretation, wonderful! xx

  4. How could one not take inspiration from that view :) Love your mono print- it's so watery and colors are lovely!
    My year feels like its brewing to start :)

  5. lovely sunset
    and a fine inspiration... so good to see your beginning

    my new year finds me at home after weeks of travel and visiting. enjoying winter and envisioning mixed with manifesting ;-)

  6. I love that print. it is dreamy and straight at the same time. like the start into these fresh, sparkling new months. yesterday's slowing down has done miracles for me. and today I am off, buying new pants for myself. to get rocking ;-) greetings from sunny berlin.

  7. Gorgeous photos!! It always amazes me how life enters into ones creativity, but could it not?


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