Sunday, April 20, 2014

Belatedly, royGbiv

The third Thursday came and went, as did most of the busy weekend.  I am sitting down to the computer to do more than check email (and read my horoscope) for the first time in days.  Happily, I was able to put in three full days painting in the new studio, which was heaven after all these many months.  I will give you a little look at my progress there, but first, I give you GREEN, for the April Roy G. Biv challenge, brought to us by the talented Julie and Jennifer.

Walking along Ballard Avenue a couple of weeks ago, the flower store had a stunning display of lime green birdcages.  I felt the '60s had returned!

Some sweet graffiti on a nearby garden wall in my neighborhood.

At the Locks this afternoon, I spotted this swath of vivid green algae.

A delicate green indeed on these new leaves along the Elliot Bay trail.

All the focus on green seems to have followed me into my painting efforts this week.  These are all acrylic, graphite and collage on paper, each about 6x9 inches I guess.

 Nobody is finished yet, but they are feeling complete to me.

Nobody has for-sure titles yet, either.

Gosh, it feels good to have muscled through the uncertainty of the first few hours, just to move paint again and not think about anything but the relationship of color to shape to line.

Hope your Easter was a happy one!


  1. Lovely paintings, sus! So glad you've started working in your new studio. Have a wonderful week. xo

  2. Ha, isn't that funny : I see a lot of easter eggs in your lovely paintings Sus .... !
    (wonder how that comes ..... ;-) !)
    Have a good (green) week Sus.

  3. Nice greens, Sus - I never would have thought of the algae, but I like it! Your collages look wonderful, worthy of a new studio indeed!

  4. this sounds so enticing, coming from me, who's been tossing and turning on "shall-i-paint-or-not?". i'm still not overly rocking that boat, but your enthusiasm is really pushing me.
    and won't you look at that inspiring green? i love the algae, is that vivid, or what?

    i hope denver was fine for you? london distracted, to say the least. i'm glad to be back, things are not for the worst at home, which is hopeful. fingers crossing business in full swing... ;)))
    enjoy your studio, dear.

  5. That is some good looking algae! New here and have enjoyed the RoyG.Biv tour!

  6. your painting is wonderful! lovely post xxx

  7. I am finally checking out all of the "green" from last month's ROY G BIV challenge, and very much enjoyed your post. That first image with the bird cages & reflections is especially amazing, and I love how your paintings fall under the "green" umbrella as well!


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