Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Upper 10

At last, we have moved in!  The new studio is ours!

Flossy was all sorts of help, of course.

She is a good little decorator, and knows all about 'Fang' Shui.

To the right is the free dresser I discovered half a block from our house yesterday.  Daughter and her pals helped me get it into my truck.  On Saturday, I got a couple of excellent work tables (see center and left) and two upholstered stools at a shop going out of business, and hauled them away for practically nothing.

One of the work tables even has a drawer.  
Flossy suggests that it would be a fine place to store dog treats.

I am going to Denver in the morning for a few days, and have a lot to look forward to when I come back!  
What are you grateful for this week?


  1. great studio, lovely flossy!
    I'm grateful about the wonderful springtime!
    have a creative time after your days in denver - I'm looking forward to your new work!
    :-) mano

  2. Dear Sus,
    exciting! your new studio (the very electric cables in the first pic are amazing to me) but the paint on the floor would gimme a boost! Your dresser will be filled with your fantastic art soon, I can imagine!
    If you have a little time in Denver for dc with 'nest'... you can show us later?


  3. Congratulations! Looks like a place with much creative environment very welcoming
    I like the floor!
    I like the fact that it is a place where someone was before. That gives "life" to the place, is not the same when you go to a new place where nobody lived. is cold, has no soul, right?

  4. Studio is looking great! Have a good trip to the folks. I'm grateful for everything, especially for where I live, which I happen to think is the very best place on the planet! xo

  5. Looks like you're going to have quite a nice studio space there! Have a great time in Denver!

  6. Wow you sure do have a lot to be grateful for- Flossy's help especially- such a cutie!
    and you must be so excited to get in that space and start working! Hope you have a great trip!! :)

  7. Dang fine priorities you've got goin' here, Sus, you'll be putting your stamp on this spot in no time. And kudos to any landlord that allows the presence of your loyal sidekick ... not the kind of landlord that's easy to find, generally, specially in the Big City.

    p.s. did you find the Diana app??

  8. yea, your studio is coming right along and you sound so happy
    i am happy for you

    wishing you a grand time in Denver!

  9. That looks perfect Sus!
    I am grateful for my Dad :)
    Safe travels!

  10. ooo how wonderful...your dog is divine! My first dog, penny, was a rough collie and i adored her! I nagged mum and dad form the age of 6 relentlessly for a 'lassie' dog and they finally caved for my 10th birthday! I had her till i was 23! xxx

  11. hope denver is sweet to you. hey, i like the view from your window! and your dog is the real fang, in't she? love to catch up when you're back, i'll be traveling myself, why yeah!, but we'll meet one another, on crossroads. me thinks. n♥

  12. I am grateful for a view of your new studio space, and of hearing about Flossy and her adept fang shui; I'm with her, the dog treats would go well in the table drawer. Just so excited for you dear Sus! Norma, x

  13. Love your new space! Tell Flossy her Aunt Valerie says hi. Love you!

  14. Wow, it looks so different without the couch in the previous photo! Love the floor, the dresser, the table with drawer, and that you sound so happy! xo Carole


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