Sunday, April 6, 2014

Nest DC

The bare and barely leafed deciduous trees of early spring here in Denver provided good views of the subject of this week's drawing challenge.

The days have been cool and changeable here, breezy and showery.  We have been hard at work getting my parents ready for a big move later this year.  It has been good weather for hauling boxes.

'Spring Nest' pigma pen and watercolor in 5x7 moleskine sketchbook
Many more wonderful artists are feathering nests over at the beautiful blog of Ariane.  Fly on over for a peek.  I am about to alight there myself!


  1. I love your nest photos and drawings - also love seeing the pictures of your new studio - I picture it becoming quite nest like as well.

  2. i love finding nests in trees without leaves, a good treasure hunt!
    nice to see your finds and your wonderful sketch!

    cool weather is nice for hard work!

  3. I love your pictures, it´s good to look up into the trees!
    And good luck for you and your parents, changing nests sometimes is not easy!
    The green in your drawing is a very hopeful color.
    x Stefanie

  4. Beautiful pictures! I also like looking up in the trees to see what is there. I always think there is a whole other, secret world up there...

  5. I had to smile at what Celine just wrote- there is a whole other world up there- your photos remind me of how I look around- drawn to the nests in trees- especially of course this time of year before the leaves have come out.
    Hope your parents move goes smoothly- and I love your little sketch :)

  6. Dear Sus,
    yah, crow nests... connect us even like the moon, the water the air a.s.o. :-)
    Love especially the section lining of your drawing... the different nests, above and underground. and the hopefully green under dramatic sky.
    And even your photos are fantastic!

    Hope your parents are fine with that big (nest) change.
    xo Ariane.

  7. such wonderful images!!!!
    love them
    and a change of nests
    i like that, but i am not sure
    if i will when i am old(er)....
    good luck!


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