Saturday, April 26, 2014

Persistance in Beautiful Surroundings

Flossy and I have been enjoying exploring our new studio 'hood on the north shore of Lake Union during our lunchtime walks.  Yesterday we found a tiny park right across the street with some really beautiful views.  Have a wander with us:
Yes, that is the Space Needle, center right.

The Freeway bridge arches overhead (kinda noisy in a white-noise way).

The University bridge is the view to the east.
Indoors, progress was made - I began working on prototype models for some books I have in mind after being inspired by the 'Word Play' book arts exhibit over at the UW which we visited late Wednesday afternoon.

About 4 inches high x 22 inches, folded Arches cover with watercolor, graphite and pigma pen.

I ended up with something completely different than I was heading for, but the process was delightful, and it was only intended as a draft anyway.

This is a detail of the inside.  The text is a memory of driving in the dark.
Later, I had a painting session that started out horrible and ended up flying happily along.  I am still getting my sea legs after my long time away from the brushes.  The struggle with my mind telling me 'oh, you can't really paint' is best overcome by just keeping on pushing the paint around until something starts to emerge.

detail, acrylic on paper
'Buoy Bag' (about 9"x6")
Wishing you a good weekend.  Persist at what ever it is that makes you smile!


  1. Lots of Progress! Such beautiful surroundings...I love the picture of Flossy and the pink laces...

  2. dear Sus, so nice to read and see that you are working happily in your new studio (i like that floor too).
    the bridges are beautiful, water and big skies everywhere you go.
    wishing you and flossy lots of pleasure exploring your new surroundings and lots of inspiration (that will be no problem i guess)

    beautiful details in the acryl on paper painting, very warm and big skies ofcourse,

  3. les lacets roses vont bien à flossy! :))

  4. Hi, Sus. Lovely photos. I really just love the Pacific NW, altho it's too gray for me now. Your book exploration is fascinating and Buoy Bag very pleasing--I can see it interpreted in fabric (wouldn't you know).
    best, nadia

  5. I love your photos of Seattle 'hoods. There's something so compelling about that place. Love the new work you're doing. I'm feeling all bottled up at the moment despite what I show on my blog. The flow isn't there yet. Don't know if it ever has been, intuitive flow, that is. Still listening deeply for it. Happy Sunday! xo

  6. Thanks for taking us along on your walk with Flossy, Sus !
    Wow that "book" is fantastic !

    Yeah ..... I know that feeling, when you start with something and it isn't going to be like you had in your head ....
    So persistance ??? that's the trick ???
    Well it worked for you !!!! ;-)

  7. Walks, sunshine, Flossy, and a studio with a cool floor..... life's good in Seattle!
    Persist with the brushes as I love what you showed us. Where did this weekend go? xo Carole

  8. It looks like the studio is in a good place for you, and that you are in a good place in it... Your book mock-up is very intriguing, and the painting is just wonderful!

  9. I see you caught some blue sky so early in the year. Your photos of Seattle are beautiful, and I think I see some city influence in your painting?

  10. wonderful start in your new space!!! and that first pic of you and Flossy is a gem!
    It's a pleasure to follow you around your new digs!


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