Thursday, June 5, 2014


Flossy, my parents, Pogo and I arrived home on Sunday.  Imagine my delight to discover amongst the month-high PILE of mail, two envelops from Blogland friends!

From Tiny Woolf , blogging in Belgium, a sweet heart in a striking card and a lovely note of welcome home.

 The heart is reversible...
 ...and hand-stitched all around including a hanging loop.

Thank you, Woolfie Nadine!

The next envelop was one I had been looking forward to.  While I was away, I won the Give Away over at Suzanne's Mostly Threads blog. 

 The rain drop is hand-worked on natural-dyed silk.
Weighted with a coin, it hangs softly as a little cloud when worn.
 I have been getting compliments galore - thank you, Suzanne (and Gilly, for drawing my name)!

A final word about gifts - getting back into the studio the past two days has been WONDERFUL.  I was able to swim right back into the flow and completed 10 paintings (begun in April) for the exhibit I am participating in next month in Ketchikan, Alaska.
 Here is a peek at a representative of the group, which are all acrylic collage on paper, 11" high by 7.5" wide:
'Peaks and Valleys' - acrylic collage on paper, 11"x7.5"

Hope your week is going well - I will snatch time to visit around Blogland tonight, as I have been missing everyone!  See you back here on Sunday for the Drawing Challenge brought to us this week by Patrice.


  1. So nice to come home to those little treasures! I hope your trip was good and settling at "home" sounds very productive for you! wow 10 paintings!!! so prolific :) I'm jealous!
    Look forward to seeing you over the weekend w/ the d.c
    -best K

  2. Ha, good to be back home and in the studio ... !! Thanks for the sneak peek.
    Yes, I saw Gilly ATE you to be the lucky winner of that silk droplet ;-)
    Suzanna send me a little print on paper of a drop

  3. So glad you're back and back in the swing of things again! Hope your folks settle in to the PacNW easily. Love your latest work. You're such an inspiration, always! xo

  4. such wonderful gifts
    made with care and heart
    and congratulations on your art and flow ~

  5. i find it always a little uncanny to suddenly find your own hand back on someone's blog. i'm glad you got you envelope safe and sound and even more elated you are happy with it.
    so. great creative star! it sounds wonderful, your endeavour, you'll have a best exhibition! n♥


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