Sunday, August 1, 2010

Flora of Southeast Alaska - Ohmer Creek Trail

Flossy and I took a long, blueberry picking walk on the Ohmer Creek trail this afternoon.

The gray, curly plant is the type of lichen we dyed with last fall.

These berries are not edible, but their vermilion color is amazing.

 The water meadow was particularly lovely.

Some of the leaves are starting to show color - too early!

Pond lilies

 The high bush cranberries will be ripe later this month.  I will be making a relish out of them that goes well with venison and wild fowl.


  1. what a wonderful green world around you.

  2. I am really blessed to be living here - but I loved looking at your garden photos the other day! I can almost smell the hot summer sun there!


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