Wednesday, August 4, 2010


I caught the sunrise through the trees as I left for work this morning, my 'Friday' at the Mighty Mighty Day-Job.

I signed up for The Sketch Book Project today; picked the theme 'Make Mine A Double', so in honor of that Flossy and I walked out in the beautiful evening to bookend this day with a shot of the sunset.


  1. Susan - thanks for visiting RavenWood... the first photo here, the sunrise through the trees could have been taken here, similar forest-scape. I'm wondering about your Norwegian Forest Cat... I've been wondering about Pasha, got him at the shelter and thought him a Maine Coon, but have been wondering if maybe he was part Norwegian... are they typically as large as Maine Coons?

    Lovely to find you... I guess the buried figure comes out in September? If so, looking forward to that!

  2. Hi. On a few days I´ll start my trip to Alaska with my family. When I´ve seen your faces at Susan Sandford´s blog in the alaskan woods, I quickly entered. You have wonderful paintings and pictures. I hope finding there some landscapes like I´ve seen here.

  3. Valerianna, I will post some photos of Our Uncle William tonight. Yes he is a huge cat, very much like the Maine Coons. Lovely personality, so friendly and kind. Happy day!

  4. Tomas, Thank you for your intrest in my work! I hope you get to come to Petersburg on your alaskan visit - find me in my studio at the Sons of Norway Hall. You can't miss it - it is one of the landmarks of our little town. best wishes!


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