Saturday, August 7, 2010

Norwegian Forest Cat in the Wild and Flossy in the Studio

Another busy studio week - three ring circus of projects, with the Doors, dye commission, and ongoing machine quilting in progress.  Uncle William Wallace was waiting for us when we came home this evening.

Here he is up a small tree.

Flossy hard at work (note scrap of cloth adorning her ruff).

Door project, detail 1.  Silk organza with Xerox transfer, broken glass.

Door project, detail 2.  Silk organza, Xerox transfer, bullet.

Door project, detail 3.  Bi-fold door, black enamel, silk organza bags, hand-dyed cotton.

Doors project - in process.  

This 13-Woman Invitational exhibit opens September 17 at the Clausen Museum in Petersburg.  Exhibit title is 'A Curiosity of Doors'.


  1. Uncle William Wallace definitely looks like Pasha... I've read yesterday that the two breeds - Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest Cats - are one and the same. It sure would be hard for me to tell the difference...

    Good luck with door show...


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