Sunday, November 14, 2010

Complete - Not Finished

I washed out the paintings done in the last two weeks - they are up on the wall awaiting the next thing.  Complete but not finished, as Professor Spafford used to say.

 Snake Handler I - work in progress

Snake Handler II - work in progress

I am re-reading Peter London's 1989 book No More Second Hand Art and finding lots to ponder on the morning walk, which is now a complete flash light show.  Sun rise is about 7:15 am - and it's dark by 4:15 in the afternoon.  My neighbor cheerfully pointed out that solstice is less than 40 days off, and then we'll have lengthening daylight again.  Yeh, that'll be good.


  1. oh, snake handler II has my heart... xo

  2. I have Peter London's book too -
    isnt it strong?
    I have always had this battle with artistic authenticity, and the desire to emulate artist I love...
    Glad there is someone else who likes the book..


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