Saturday, November 20, 2010

First Ice on the Slough

We have been experiencing some beautiful cold days and nights the past week, a wonderful change from the rain.  The low temperatures have caused a skim of ice to form on the sloughs around the Island. 
Since it is salt water, the slough won't freeze solid.  The air is smoky from people burning their wood stoves to keep the chill out.  It smells so good outside. 

These photos are taken on the bridge near my studio in town.


  1. I love that smell, and can only imagine it with crisp clean air..

    you live in a lovely part of the world..

  2. I enjoy looking at your photographs, it is so unimaginable from California, where you live...

  3. Thank you for your comments - how about that full moon!

  4. oh i love that top photo,susan... warm hugs to you. : ) xo

  5. What a wonderful thought...we are sharing our full moon. And I too love these photos. I am finally getting time to do a catching up.

  6. I confess i had to look up 'slough' looks so that ice on the slough edge?


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