Sunday, November 7, 2010

Outside and Inside

The snow is creeping down the mountains toward our hapless town.
8 am yesterday

Looking outside the studio 9am yesterday.

Looking inside from the doorway...

my studio is an oasis of color and light on these dim days of early winter. 

Adding color and texture to the work begun last week:  I mix about a tablespoon of print paste with dye concentrate 50/50 in my palette cups, then dole out small amounts to paint with so that the soda ash picked up on my brushes and tools doesn't exhaust the Procion. 

 detail 1
 detail 2
detail 3
These paintings are curing now, waiting to be washed out and stitched. Their stories are not clear to me yet but emerging... I have more work to do.


  1. Wow, those look beautiful. I am getting cold just looking at those outside photos.

  2. oh, oh, oh - i love what you're painting!! and that view out your studio window!

    snow arrived at our place today.


  3. Don, It is still up in the high 30's (F) but yeh, shiver shiver. Thanks for the encouraging word.

    Lynne, SNOW???!!! Yikes! but I do love living in a place with 4 distinct seasons. ***

  4. I am wanting to paint some clothing, but I have no idea where to start, what to use and so on.
    I would love to hear more about how you actually do your painting. What dyes you use, etc. Or perhaps you have an earlier post where you have explained that already?

    It is so interesting to see where you work. So different from where I live where we often battle the heat. Your workspace does look lovely.


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