Thursday, November 4, 2010

Getting Unstuck: Softcut Stamps

I was having a low energy couple of days and mentally dragging my feet thinking of going to the studio this morning, but showed up anyway of course (more than half the battle won right there).  I made coffee and began browsing through Jean Laury's great book Imagery on Fabric.  Soon my head was humming with ideas and I spent the rest of the rainy day happily cutting new stamps.

I usually draw first in my sketch book, and then trace the images onto tissue with a soft pencil.  Placing the tissue face down, the pencil marks transfer easily to the softcut by rubbing on the back. 

I apply acrylic paint with a foam brush and test the stamps in my sketch book.  These stamps work great with thickened dyes, as well.  

At noon, Flossy and I braved the stormy day and took a walk in the South Harbor. 
This joker didn't seem any happier about the rain than we were.

The crabbers were tied up at the dock, waiting out the storm.  It was blowing 80 knots in Clarence Strait today.

I'm so grateful to be unstuck and looking ahead to a good day of creating tomorrow.


  1. you and flossy are brave walkers!! and so good that you made these stamps... xoxo


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