Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Scene Recently #10


  1. not sure about the corn dog.

    very very strange.

    Would you eat one?

  2. Why o why does your blog opens so badly to me ??? So many times I wait for ages and the photos won't open ???? (I KNOW : YOU can't do anything about it !) "Funny" things there are on the streets sometimes: not always appealing, sometimes even appalling .....
    The flower is an Allium Christoffii (name fitts to yours ;-) !) and the orb is up to 10". When planted among other plant with normal leaves you don't have to see the quickly yellowing leaves of the bulb. They are GREAT to keep later when dry! They last forever!

  3. I think whether the bin Laden corndog idea works or not depends completely on the sensibilities (i.e. sense of the absurd/irony/etc.) of both the seller and the buyer.
    SNL had a great skit a few years back in which Russia, hard up for cash, sold Lenin's corpse to a circus (or something) in The States. "Ordinary" Americans lined up to throw baseballs and "dunk" Lenin. The image was sublime!

  4. Els and all , I wonder if others are having a difficult time opening my blog??? I'd appreciate any other feedback, and will see what i can do with my limited cyber-skills to make my blog load faster if at all possible... very puzzling.

    Grrl and Rick, I tend toward the absurd/ironic point of view, as you may have suspected...


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