Sunday, July 17, 2011


My branch of the Scar Clan went on our annual camp-out yesterday and it was one of the best. 

We woke this morning to a blue sky and summer sun, with a breeze in the boughs.

 About a dozen of us spent the night, and the elders who drove home for the night came back out for breakfast.

Most of the family slept in tents...

...and some of us slept in our cars.  My little car is a dandy camper with the seats folded down, foam pad and sleeping bag under my cozy quilt and my cozy dog snuggling.

Flossy and I took a little walk before breakfast.

The morning light revealed all sorts of little miracles...

and such tranquility at the creek-side.

Back in camp, things were cooking!

Scott assisted Joe as the bacon got done.

Flossy, Titus, and Shadow - our pack of three - kept the lid nailed down at the campground, and did their part at keeping food scraps from becoming a problem underfoot.

 Joe's famous scrambled eggs were fabulous as always.  I am so grateful to belong to this community of 'people who would not ordinarily mix'. 

Is there a special group outing in your summer plans? 


  1. ahh, that looks like it was a special time, sus... and beautiful... xoxo

  2. No group outings for me, so I'll enjoy yours!

  3. Got me excited to plan a little camping trip... thanks!

  4. Well, what a wonderful trip you had there together with a bunch of nice people!
    And boy: does nature look good over there!!!


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