Sunday, July 24, 2011

Freezer Paper, Mistyfuse, and Banner Progress

The big banner of the workers in the vineyard is coming along.  I got started first thing on Thursday morning, pinning the dye-painted background up on my wall alongside the design to enable me to place the first shapes quickly.
Design wall on Thursday morning (look closely, you can see Flossy's ears in the lower left, just above the wastebasket).

 The process goes like this: I trace the shapes from the drawing onto freezer paper, then iron these pattern pieces onto the right side of the fabric.  I lay a piece of Mistyfuse (cut to fit the fabric) on a Teflon protector sheet, then put the fabric/pattern on top, cover with another Teflon protector and press lightly with my iron on wool/silk setting.  The assembly is then ready to cut out along the pattern lines and place on the background.

This is where I ended up by quitting time Friday.  (At this point, I have returned the background to the flat surface of my big ironing table).

Nothing is adhered to the background in this detail, as I was still getting the positioning figured out - kinda a head-scratcher at times!

This is where I left off today.  The figures are ironed down onto the background, as is the lower portion of the vine.  (You can see pieces still covered with freezer paper at the top of the piece).

I still have a ways to go but the hard part - positioning the major design items - is complete.  I highly recommend Mistyfuse - it is the easiest fusible product I have ever used - no need to reverse your design, and it adheres to fabric super quickly.  Freezer paper is also a terrific versatile material, thin enough to use as tracing paper but very durable, and re-useable/positionable after ironing to fabric.


  1. Susan, this is really beautiful!

  2. What an inspiration! Thank you.
    I have a quilt top I need to appliqué,
    I let the fear of making a mistake intrude.
    I can see it now!
    I love how the background is fading
    back and creating a very interesting
    depth to the piece.
    Just in case no one has told you
    lately...You Rock!

  3. Wow, such a lot of work! And it's looking gorgeous!

  4. good heavens! that's a lot you got done, sus!! i am mightily impressed!! it looks *great*, and thank you for explaining how you did it... xoxo

  5. OOOOOH WOW ! It's so great to see it all coming together and taking shape! Really a truck load of work but I gather it must be great fun too!
    (You have such a wonderful place to work: lots of space!)


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