Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tongass Rain Forest Festival 2011 Photography Project

The annual Tongass Rain Forest Festival is coming right up, with a photography show kicking things off in early September.  One of the categories is 'altered images' including work that incorporates photos in some way.  The theme of the exhibit is 'celebrating our natural home'.  This week I got started on my entry, using fabric prepared with Dan Smith's digital ground for inkjet printing and photos taken on our many walks through out the year.
After the images were printed onto the raw silk and cotton, I used Mistyfuse to attach them to Timtex, fusing the backing onto each piece at the same time.

Made a quick trip to the library - in close proximity to my studio - to get a bird book to look at while I drew a raven for the base.  He will be a surprise hidden on the bottom.  I made the drawing on tissue paper, spray basted that to the fabric/Timtex sandwich, and stitched him with my sewing machine.  On the lower right is the base, trimmed, ready to be edge finished with cording.

I had lots of mindless fun making the cording by zigzag stitching over multiple lengths of embroidery floss and other fibers. 

Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter walls finished with cording zigzagged to their raw edges.  Before trimming and cording, I machine quilted each photo with simple wavy lines signifying rain.

A detail of Summer's roof.  Have you guessed what I am building yet?  Stay tuned in days ahead for more on this project.

Oh, before you go,  I want to show you the banner with its fused design complete:
This work is now on the back burner until I get fall commitments met.


  1. Your work is so colourful. I'll be eagerly waiting for you next post!

  2. What a wonderful new project Sus!!! I expect it to be some kind of little box you can open or tie up just as you wish, to show of your wonderful nature-surroundings ....
    Great work done on the banner!

  3. Greetings from Tunisia! I just stopped by to enjoy your colorful and creative blog while trying to beat the heat. Love your use of color and how you work on the design wall. I look forward to following your projects!
    best, nadia


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