Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Changing Colors in the Forest

Suddenly - subtly - this week, we are seeing the end of the season of screaming green.  The Forest is beginning to change her costume, adding accents of ruby, magenta and gold to her chartreuse, viridian, and  emerald robes.

I love the stunning inner glow of this tall plant, which was bright green last week.

Devils Club fruit is ripening.

We don't eat it, but I think birds do.

I will leave you with these tiny fairy-hat flowers, wishing you a happy day!


  1. Very interesting to see the flora of your island. Happy day to you too!

  2. It happens so fast doesn't it? They should call August pre-fall here. Everything feels so different in August and it definitely signals the end of our beautiful summer.
    xoxo Kim

  3. Is August really the beginning of your fall? Here on Vancouver Island we've had a very grey spring, almost no summer in July, and August is usually a hot month but who knows this year. Our leaves begin turning colour usually in October.

  4. Amazing those colour changes! Love the "fairy hats"... But still a lot of (wet) green. Btw: were the lupines any good in the dye pot?


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