Saturday, July 2, 2011

Collage Break

I usually work Monday thru Wednesday at my Mighty Mighty Day Job and Thursday, Friday and Saturday at my studio.  This week I got called in to do an emergency project which ended up eating a lot of my studio time.  Once I got back on track, I didn’t have energy or time enough to do what I had intended (start painting the background for the big banner).  Instead I gessoed some small paper pages and spent a low-key afternoon immersed in collage-making.
 5"x7"; muslin, gesso, pattern tissue, acrylic paint and prismacolor on book page

Working on paper was relaxing and very direct, a nice little break from my usual fabric and sewing machine way of making stuff.

 5"x7"; gesso, pattern tissue, calendar illustration, acrylic paint and pencil on book page

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