Wednesday, April 4, 2012

After taking last week off, I am really looking forward to tomorrow when I will be back in the studio.  (Today is my 'Friday' at the Mighty Mighty Day Job).

Several projects await completion.  One is my second wearable piece, working title is 'Leafy.  You may remember my sketch...

head gear for wearable art piece #2, 'Leafy'

shoulder leaves
What are you looking forward to as the week progresses? 


  1. Hi Sus can't wait to see this finished and wearable! Hope your spring is going well xoxo Deborah

  2. I can hardly wait to see how your wearable art turns out! This little peak of the shoulder leaves makes me want to squeal with excitement (oh I'm a dork!).
    To answer your question my 16 yr old niece is coming for a few days to hang out with her aunt and uncle. I love that.

  3. Ha, must be fun to wear an "apple" as a head ...
    (Ohhhhh I hope to finish one or two of my "secrets" at last ! It seems there are only coming móre instead of less ....:-( ....)

  4. Strangely, I don't think it has ever really occurred to me that I could make my drawings into actual reality. What an exciting idea. It is so great to watch you develop Leafy. I hope you will have photos of the Wearable Art completed.

  5. HI, Zom – I think the idea of drawings becoming reality is a natural to me because of my background as a draftsman for architects and engineers, where I have designed and drawn structures (including our own home) which appear first on paper, then in reality. I have always loved walking around in buildings which I have drawn, especially early on when the ‘bones’ (studs, beams, rafters, etc.) are still visible.


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