Friday, April 27, 2012

Village Challenge

I was over visiting Kel last evening, and became inspired by her post about community.  She challenged readers to make a visual depiction of their support network as row houses.  Here's what followed in my sketch book as I reflected on my own tribe.
pigma pen, watercolor, cassein and prismacolor pencil in 9x6 sketchbook

Great prompt, Kel.  I have a lot more contemplating to do on the supportive relationships in my life.  Blogland friendships are a part of that, for sure, and I thank you all for your comments!

(Thisdrawing is the final page in my 9x6 daily book, and I will be moving into a pristine new Stillman & Birn 'Gamma' series book next.  Thanks for the recommendation, Lynne!)


  1. I love the idea of being connected by bridges of hope! Woo hoo.... a new book to fill with your beautiful drawings. Smiling in Nanaimo for you. xo

  2. Susan, the imagery and words you have journalled here are very powerful
    thank you for sharing them
    'ladders of longing' and 'bridges of hope' are words that will be echoing in my soul today


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