Sunday, September 2, 2012

'Archipelago' and Studio Progress

Friday afternoon we hung the Tongass Rain Forest Festival 'Archipelago' exhibit at the Clausen Museum.  Here are the two pieces I have in the show, which you have seen details of in posts over the past couple of weeks.
'Archipelago Jewels' - hand dyed cotton with beads and hand stitching; 9"x12"
'Eye Land' - hand dyed cotton with beads and hand stitching; 3"x5"
This coming Friday my solo exhibit of 20+ new dye paintings opens at Miele Gallery here on the island.  I am excited to see the work hanging together, out of my studio.  Always seems to look a little different in a formal setting.

Now that these two shows are done deals, I am continuing to paint toward my December exhibit with Pia Reilly in Juneau.  There are new acrylic-on-paper collages taking shape on my work table.  
Just starting out... these are about 9x12 inches, cut from one of my old water colors, gessoed over
The same three paintings, late in the day
detail of the far left painting, as I left it last evening
I am having a wonderful time immersed in paint again, appreciating the directness of the process.  Can't wait to get back to the studio tomorrow.  Happy Labor Day those of you in the United States. and happy September to ALL.


  1. Hi Sus, your Archipelago's are gems ! No wonder : you living in the place you do .... !
    I think it's always great to see the whole process : yes, painting is so nice direct (instead of stitches ;-) !)
    (oh .... murder !....)

  2. I'm intrigued by the face where it's at now, wonder what it will morph into, but right now it reminds me of a dummy in his mouth (hmmm maybe you guys call them a pacifier?)

  3. Hi, Sus. Lovely Archipelago work--all I see is the stitching lately. As always, I liked your nature pictures. Fall already? It just rained over the weekend here so now everything will turn green and there will be more flowers, a second spring. I love the Fall in Tunisia. The temperatures have dropped a bit finally--one can now breath and think.
    best, nadia

  4. Oh that Archipelago piece is stunning! You do amazing work.

  5. your archipelago jewels are so beautiful! the paintings, too.
    I wish you good luck for your exhibiton!! :-) mano

  6. Love the archipelago work! And your paintings look wonderful. Beautiful work!

  7. Beautiful Sus! I'd love to see Archipelago in person :)

  8. I love the pieces-love beading.

  9. The beaded pieces are beautiful. I love the palette of colors you're using.

    It's great to see someone else working on more than one painting at a time. So interesting to watch the progression.

    Happy labor day and a golden filled September!

  10. Beautiful beadwork Sus the colours are beautiful.

    Have a great weekend

    Helen :)


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