Saturday, October 13, 2012

Driftwood At the Dump Beach

The day was normal for October here: rain, heavy at times with gusty winds and mild temperature.  I needed driftwood photos for the latest DC brought to us by Mano.  The old dump beach was the handiest place to go - just 5 minutes by truck from my studio in town...
 ...and scattered with lots of great drift wood.
I had fun editing my photos...

...adjusting hue and saturation...

...and playing around with filters.
The driftwood here on our beaches is all huge...

...being old-growth evergreens for the most part...

...cast into the seawater by wind storms long ago.

Some roots have captured shrouds of fabric, lending an eerie mood to the place.
 Thanks to Mano for an excuse to go beach combing today.  Please check out the other driftwood offerings cast ashore on the blogs of some terrific artists over at her place.


  1. This reminds me of very remote parts of Tasmania There is a bay called Carnarvon Bay further down South from my bay that looks like this beautiful greys against bright Lichens.
    Great pics!

    Helen :)

  2. such stunning driftwood
    inspiration abounds where you live

    kel @

  3. what a magical place. love the colours and the light.

    ♥ tatjana

  4. so very different from the shores over here, wild, strange and beautiful, huge pieces of driftwood, my imagination would run away with me there xx

  5. oh sus, dump beach is a driftwood paradise! I would like to have a walk there now...
    the old wood looks magical and mysterious and your pictures support this impression. great work!! thank you for this wonderful post! :-) mano

  6. Never seen those fantastic driftwood before,
    dear Sus!
    Powerful, magical!
    Thank you

  7. fancy a beach called dump. mhm!
    and fanciful scenery it is, over there!
    goodness i am so intrigued by yoour takes! the roots'n'fibres is pretty eerie, what with hallowe'en coming up. and in general, quite right. this dc was your excuse extraordinaire to go combing and enjoying. cheers for the opportunity for us as well ...

  8. Gorgeous photos, I want to ramble around on your beach.

  9. what a wild landscape! and perfect for finding drift wood- looks like a magical place for some very hearty drifters!
    I like the use of filters you chose for these pictures- makes it even more far out looking!

  10. Oh I love these images and how you have played with them. What fun! All so magical looking.

  11. great photos sus, thanks for taking us for a look at your beach. love the driftwood.


  12. Wow, rather weird and spooky pictures you made here !! See what the simple change of colour does, totally alienating the beach scene !

  13. Holy Cow those driftwood shots are fantastic. What a magical resourceful beach you have five minutes away. Aren't these large chunks so beautiful and different from the as beautiful little delicate (by contrast) pieces found at other beaches by art friends participating in the dc this week. Really. The differences are magnificent and tell about the variety that is created on our globe. Love this. *smiles* N. xo

  14. Love all those colors :)

  15. I love these! Nature never ceases to amaze me.

  16. I love every photo Sus. Tomorrow I'm off to the beach to sea what the tides have brought in while I was away. xo Carole


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