Saturday, October 20, 2012

Leaves Drawing Challenge

I quickly post my first response to dear Miss Herzfrisch's drawing challenge, Leaves - no time within the week to do more than gawp at and photograph some of the beautiful leaves around me on the afternoon walk up Twin Creek Road.  I may get time to edit this post with an actual drawing late this evening, but just in case that doesn't happen I offer you the following glimpses of autumn color splashes:

Do look in at the bonfire of leaves roaring away over at Miss Herzfrisch's fascinating blog.


  1. You wouldn't believe them to be real if you only drew them on paper .... Thank you Autumn!
    (salmon berry ?)

  2. Who was it that figured out that red and green are opposite on the colour wheel and so, set each other off perfectly, so that one enhances the other and visa versa? Point taken here perfectly. What lovely shots Sus. I love the names of the locale(s) in your neck of the woods on this globe of ours. Twin Creek is the name of a book, I just know it!! Have a great week, hugs, Norma, x

  3. Hi Sus, I'm home and so happy to be visiting you again! The leaves and the weather have sure changed while we were and yellow everywhere! xo

  4. picture-perfect!! you find the best colors of fall! :-) mano

  5. Aren't they beautiful!?
    All is brown and crispy here.

  6. But we are so glad that you "gawped and snapped" these little beauties all the same ;)

    Have a wonderful day dear Sus

    Helen x

  7. twin creek road... oh that sounds so good, so inviting, for a novel, a halloween story, a tear jerker, a murder case... it's versatile, innit, the sound of it?

    yes, the colours on those leaves are fairy like... romantic and sexy, even!

  8. haaha twin creek road stirred my imagination too

    nature's palette is so incredibly rich, the combinations so enchanting, beautiful Sus, x

  9. Leaves are my favorite subject. Thanks for commenting on my blog.

  10. These leaves are really extremely beautiful and the look like perfectly tinted - almost unreal.

  11. wow
    that bright magenta
    against the green
    nature at it's best
    must be a nice walk
    at Twin Creek Road

    Patrice A.

  12. I think the nature has the most wonderful colours. Love that they nearly changing to Herzfrisch pink.
    Thank you for participating

  13. What beauty, what beauty surrounds us all of the time. How very lucky we are.


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