Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Special Project

The past two weeks have been a detour into a special project for an up-coming group show at the Clausen Museum here in town. The curator is my friend, local painter Ashley Duross in partnership with our excellent museum director, Sue McCallum.
I show you here a little glimpse of one of the things I am doing for the exhibit.

Laying out the prototype accordion book using paper.
Using overlays of transparency film to figure out stitching lines.
The pages stacking up as layers are completed...
Inkjet transfer on haboti silk with machine stitching.
This work is very specific and personal to our little town.
I will be posting the finished piece along with my statement about this work in early November after the exhibit opens on Halloween Night.


  1. Wow, I love what you're doing here. Inspiring, as I fiddle-fart around these days not accomplishing all that much...

  2. What an interesting project! I look forward to seeing more. It sounds like you have a very nice museum in your town.

  3. i'm intrigued, looking forward to the finished piece, x

  4. What a cool project. I am looking forward to see more of it.

    May I invite you to this week's drawing challenge with the the "leaves"? I am the host: and it wood be a pleasure for me to see you.


  5. it looks great! I'm looking forward to your exhibition! :-) mano

  6. Ha, very interesting ...
    Love the writing and the face together ...
    Mmmm opening on Haloween night ?!

  7. Hmmmm, I wonder what Miss Sus is up to! xo

  8. dear sus, can't wait to see the results!!
    i like your work so much! and i love to see your working steps.
    just found your driftwood pictures, oh how i want to walk along that beach!! the "playing around with filters" pic looks so dreamy, like a shot from the moon! xox, julia

  9. for some reason, sus, i missed this little gem. it did escape my attention, so good of you to link it up again.
    i suppose it's been exhibited? how'd that go?


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