Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Hiking Three Lakes Trail

We had been promising ourselves for weeks: we will walk around the Three Lakes trail. 

The fog burned off as we made our way past the first lake.
This little leaf and many of its fellows have turned a translucent yellow.

There was so much RED!

The leaves of this blueberry bush still had drops of dew from the earlier fog.

A Sailor and his Dog...

High bush cranberry bushes bright with autumn color.

Hill Lake

I realize I have not posted any drawings recently, and will rectify that at some point.  My evenings have been eaten up with this that and the other the past month, and most of my drawings have been too personal to post here - more like diary than journal or sketch book... the result of being over-tired by the time I get to draw.  Hope you enjoy this walk in the woods.


  1. I wish I could have walked wíth you ..... !Would have been great with all these autumn wonders

    (Ehhh .... no bears yet I presume ?)

  2. i *did* enjoy it sus... flossie looks so happy walking behind the sailor. : ) xoxo

  3. yes I enjoyed it very much, thank you. your air looks so clean and your land is so bright and clear up there. so much incredible colour in that red.


  4. those reds are there to make us smile, so eyecatching and beautiful, a place to get inspired, x

  5. Pretty awesome :)

  6. I'm glad your sailor is getting to enjoy the season with you there. Our autumns are so short-lived aren't they?
    So serene and peaceful it looks like.

  7. I enjoyed this walk very much. you live in a beautiful landscape!

  8. Susan you live in paradise what a beautiful place. Such a cute photo of the gorgeous FLossie following her Dad.

    Have a wonderful weekend my dear.

    Helen x

  9. Your Sailor looks happy trotting along with Flossie!


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