Saturday, October 27, 2012


'Shroud 1' - tea-dyed vintage table linen, acrylic emulsion, plaster cast

'Shroud 2' - tea-dyed vintage table linen, acrylic emulsion, plaster cast

Norma is our gracious hostess - ghostess? - for the drawing challenge this time.  I present to you three spirits from the afterlife, which are on display as part of the Clausen Museum's 'Day of the Dead' art show.  I helped hang the work yesterday and can't wait to share the opening with you on Halloween!  Make sure to pay a visit to Norma's haunted blog to commune with more spirits.


  1. i'll love to see how that hallowe'en show goes! good luck! yes, please keep us posted.
    your 'mummified' shrouds do give ma a tickle. they'd be well scary if they'd hang (or move) against a darkened background. oh, all sorts of imaginings happening before my eyes!
    they are serenely stunning.

  2. most intriguing Carole
    very effective the simple form and pure white cloth they would look great hung take fotos if you can would love to see them insitu

    Helen :)

  3. Susan!
    Dear, I'm very frightened!
    Fantastic work!
    Halloween can come...


  4. boo, they are great, lovely spooky and I love the material!
    Have a great time,
    x Stefanie

  5. Oh yeah!! Love the lace trim on the shrouds. I would dearly love to be in the room of the installation. What a charged atmosphere that will be hey? I wonder if it will attract ghosts of a different stripe (shroud); I bet it will. I am so looking forward to your post about the opening. Awesome awesome work Sus!! *smiling* Norma, x

  6. These are amazing! I look forward to seeing images on halloween! I also really enjoyed seeing your beautiful drawings in the previous post.

  7. great material, wonderful idea - really spooky! I'm looking forward to your halloween post!! :-) mano

  8. Iiiiiieee scary ! but that's what they're ment to be ...... ;-) (love the table linens)
    Happy Halloween !

  9. wow these are awesome, the use of vintage linen gives them something extra, ghosts from the past, enjoy the show, x


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