Friday, December 28, 2012

A Hot Dog Book

I have been thinking a lot about a post by Linda Germain which I read before Christmas, advising “use what you have”. 

What I have LOTS if right now are ‘less than successful’ gelatin prints on plain copy paper, the wages of learning this addictive new mono printing process.

SO – the Hot Dog Book.  Book artist Susan Gaylord uses recycled paper to make these sweet little booklets with kids, and has a great tutorial over at her web site. 
The first one I folded ‘wrong’ so it turned out long and narrow – perfect shape to fit inside a long tall cover.  I cut out and gesso-ed two house shapes from thin cardboard packaging, and then mono-printed both sides on my Gelliplate to make my book covers.

I glued three signatures together with YES paste, and then glued the pages to the covers. 

Use what you have – great words to live by as we enter the New Year.  
What's inspiring you as the old year passes? 


  1. I like your hotdog house book, especially the way it seems to be stiff enough to stand on its own making for a good display.

    I'm thinking about balance lately. The whirlwind of socializing and trying to keep up with my go go go husband has left me a bit wrung out this holiday and more than ever I am realizing that I need to assert myself for down time and creative time. If my super fun retired life is stressing me out I must be doing something wrong! Transitioning to our desert life was even more of a contrast this year and the endless stream of Alaskan visitors seeking warmth makes me cranky sometimes. Do you get the picture?

  2. Wow, I love these books! I actually prefer to see prints, etc. cut up and used as collage fodder or book pages or covers -- than framed as wall art. And so-called mistakes are certainly put to good use. I love using what I have. Happy New Year, dear sus! xo

  3. Oh this is sooooo great!
    a house book... I love it.
    it is a treasure!
    thank you for inspiration, best wishes for 2013
    x Stefanie

  4. Ha, a mistake? Are you kidding my dear Sus, it turned into a masterpiece!!! Very cool.
    I've been inspired by you and Flossie this year. Your daily walks, no matter the weather. Your colourful work. Your insight into life and love and art. I'm looking forward to spending time here next year! xo Carole

  5. what a wonderful book!!
    have a creative and happy new year!
    :-) mano


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