Sunday, December 16, 2012

Shelter - DC

Renilde, a wonderful painter and blogger extraordinaire came up with this week's drawing challenge, 'shelter'.  As someone who has used a house symbol in her work for years, I seized the theme naturally, and found it a great subject for monoprinting on the early Christmas gift my mother gave me: a Gelli plate.

These monoprints are all done on a 9x12 gelli plate using acrylic paint.

I found that I liked the way my Golden acrylics performed better than the Liquitex brand I got on sale recently.

I stayed up far too late last night working into my monoprints with watercolors and inks.

The acrylic acts as a resist, and the possibilities are ENDLESS!

This is an example of a 'ghost'print - what happens when you pull a second print from the plate.

Sorry about the quality of these photos - no natural day light available around here right now...  (also sorry to be a bit tardy in posting my DC).

I am using freezer paper to mask out my houses and ladders.

The circle was made with a selvage strip of fabric.

Monoprinting is one heck of alot of fun, and working on gelatin - as Linda Germain does - or the Gelli plate which is sort of a permanent gelatin plate - makes it possible to do so without a press.  Linda's blog is packed with generous how-tos and tutorials, plus her own art which is vastly inspiring.  Gelliarts also has a blog with many tutorials and loads of inspiration.

As I sat in the pool of warm light at my dining room table last night happily coloring my prints, I reflected on the comfortable shelter our home is.  Outside the snow came down, while me and my pets were cozy inside.  Grateful?  YES - absolutely.


  1. Nice prints! I still haven't used my Gelli plate yet. Have a great week. xo

  2. your prints are beautiful, I love the houses, all the variations!
    I can see you had a lot of fun and inspiration, imagine you and your pets in your shelter home place, so very nice.
    Now I am going to have a look for this technique of monoprinting.
    x Stefanie

  3. dear Sus, it's obvious you had fun, sheltered by your home and creativity, i can feel your enthusiasm and passion in these wonderful momoprints, how you played with colors and composition, very catching,
    thanks for taking part, xx

  4. Thanks for the kudos. Love your shapes especially the "flying" ladder.

  5. wow- how inspiring this new medium is- love seeing all the different variations! just beautiful!

  6. wow!!!
    these are amazing Sus. The texture and colours are great but the compositions are what I love the most. They are really good. I may have to get me a gelliplate :)

    Enjoy the week

    Helen x

  7. I follow Linda Germain's blog for a long time .... lóve her work (and tutorials !) But I don't know where to get the stuff to make the plate ... grrrrrrrrrrr !
    What fun Sus ! I can imagine that you didn't want to stop !!!
    Indeed : enless possibilities !!!!!

  8. Hi Sus, we were both late this challenge but as the saying goes "better late than never!" Monoprinting is sooooooooooo much fun! Yours turned out beautifully. I love the wings on the house and ladder. Such a interesting idea to ponder for a bit in my nice warm house. Have a great week. We got snow the other day....yes really! xo Carole

  9. Hi Sus. Great prints! I love them all. Beautiful colours, lovely compositions. LOve the houses and the ladders. I bought myself a gelli plate as a birthday gift over a month ago.... but it seems I have been chicken to give it a try. Not sure why... Perhaps I should take a ferry down to your place and we could play with them together. Wouldn't that be fun! Yes the dark and cold are here too. -40 today... but soon the sun time each day will begin to increase. Hang in there!

  10. i believe you have mentioned the gelati in the past and i was already very surprised and intriguid then. thank you again for all of these links, this is something i would love to dive into one day in 2013.
    i love the results you've pulled here, especially the ghost one. eerie, and fetching for the theme too, i find.
    great work, susan!!


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