Saturday, December 22, 2012

Winter Waiting

Outside in our woods, under the clear sky, snow covers everything.  It is very cold and very still.
The sun is gone by 3 pm.
William and Flossy have a concern with recent changes indoors.
There is a Tree on the dining room table!
Thomas ...
... and Bertram stay cozy by the fire as we wait for Christmas.


  1. 3pm is early, innit? it's the most difficult thing about wintertime, the early darkness. i'm not very productive in the dark. also, i usually hear things. things that scare me a little. unlike an animal i shall just freeze {very much like our old cat, by the way... hee hee}

    ha! yes! the coziness of animals. i found a cute little poetry booklet by ts eliot, on the behaviour of cats. he wrote it for his children and grandchildren. i read it on the tube, and just burst out laughing a few times. so apt!... ;)))

    did i already wish you a happy new year?
    so here.
    i do.

  2. What a beautiful view you have! And sweet animals :) Merry Christmas! xoxo Deb

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas, sus. It looks toasty and cozy in your place. Hugs to you and all the animals! xo

  4. Wow all that nature is so awesome..beautiful pictures both outdoor and indoor!
    Love your tree and the two skulls :))

  5. Nice to see the little tree, and Flossy and William do look a tad concerned! But not the other two.
    Dad, Pasha and I are sitting by the fire, too... a little over-stoked for my comfort, but, as Dad is here from Florida, keeping it warm in here! Have a wonderful Christmas.

  6. Dear Sus, Flossie, William, Thomas and Bertram and Sus other family we wish you a very Merry Christmas full of good cheer, love and laughter.

    Lots of love from Helen and Stan in Tasmania and Tilly the cat in Melbourne.

    Look forward to blogging with you in the New Year!


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