Monday, December 10, 2012

Juneau Exhibit

Our exhibit at the Juneau Arts and Humanities Council gallery went together beautifully. Just got home this morning.  My co-exhibitor, Pia Reilly and I took our work up on the ferry, which left in the dead of a very snowy night.  We spent most of the day Thursday hanging the show, including printing our labels and artist statements.  
Pia works unpacking our art

My paintings on canvas, auditioning for location on the wall.

The 7 collages on paper I brought were framed with black mats which really made the colors glow.

The space was filled nicely by our combined total of 35 paintings.
'Crossing into Blue'; 'The Red Bowl'; 'Haruspex'; 'The Pink Chair'
'Long Distance Call'; 'Inner Landscape'
'On Star Hill'; 'The Messenger'; 'The Break-Up'; 'Floating Green'
 The opening was Friday evening - we had over 400 people during the course of three hours.  Very good exposure!  

The calm right before the storm...

One of Pia's oils next to the lovely floral arrangement provided by the gallery for us.
  The work will hang the rest of the month.  If you are in Juneau, go have a look.  Color is guaranteed!   


  1. It looks beautiful. Congratulations.

  2. Wow, so excited for you, Sus! Your work is wonderful :)

  3. Beautiful exhibit, hope you sell some work! xo

  4. wow, sus... beautiful! congratulations! xoxo

  5. wishing you succes with the exhibition Sus, it really looks beautiful, enjoy, x

  6. Looks wonderful. I love all the color!

  7. Way to go!
    All the little gems hanging on the walls

    Happy 2013 ;)

  8. Congratulations... may it be a great success!

  9. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations to you and Pia! Your work looks amazing hanging on the white walls. So much colour! Thank you Sus for posting these photos. I wish I could be there to see these in real life. Have a good week. May you sleep well. xo Carole

  10. Thats fantastic Sus
    Well Done it looks a really nice space. Your artwork looks amazing too I hope you got some good sales.

    Helen :)

  11. this looks so good!
    well done!! did it go well too?


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