Saturday, January 5, 2013

Daily Drawing and Gelatin Plates Comparison

'Owl Moon and Orange Cat' pigma pen and prismacolor in 8x6 'epsilon'

'Soul Tree' pigma pen and watercolor pencils in 8x6 'epsilon'
I got curious about how an old-school gelatin plate would print compared to the synthetic version so I cooked up a couple of plates and did a test drive.
The old-school plate has definite advantages in print quality especially in pulling ghost prints, but has to be refrigerated in between printing sessions and deteriorates over time. The Gellliplate is indestructible and seems to produce a crisper print although the ghosts are fainter.  Both the synthetic Gelliplate and the home made kind have secured a place in my studio's bag of tricks.  I am excited to begin printing on cloth soon.


  1. sweet Susan, wishing you a great 2013,

    i love your 'soul tree', the white space and the tower giving it depth, the ruban on the branch, the orange and pink in the sky, it all works so beautiful together,xx

  2. to me they are really strong, I feel power in it, specially the first one - look at those eyes.
    x Stefanie

  3. Beautiful :)
    Love all the details :))

  4. Ha Sus, what a wonderful beginning of the year, that winged lady with the owl-moon ! LOVE it !
    Also the difference between the crisp pen and the watercolour it very interesting !!!
    Have a good new week !

  5. You, my dear Sus, really have settled into 2013! How wonderful for you and for us. xo Carole

  6. Owl moon... orange cat... soultree... dear Sus, fabulous!
    I am very excited about your prints! Wish you a happy New Year to you and you beloved.
    And, may I please invite you to the next dc? I am the host with SNAKE...

    x Ariane.


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