Saturday, January 19, 2013

Drawing Challenge: Crown

Crown: graphite and watercolor in 8x6 epsilon
The queen of the Drawing Challenge this week is Stefanie, who has chosen Crown as our subject.  Please drop over and pay homage to the other royalty of the art blog world, who are displaying their crowns at Stefanie's artful blog this weekend.


  1. a beautiful bejeweled crown Sus, when i look at this type ancient crowns i always think of the goldsmiths who made them, their studios, the wealth of materials there, the challenge and pression to make something unworldly beautiful.
    your princess seems at one hand to like wearing that crown but i can see doubt too, xx

  2. wauw... those eyes!
    and I like that wolf
    beautiful crown Sus

    Patrice A.

  3. What an intense look on this woman's face. WOw! Golden hair and crown, too!

  4. Hmmmm don't know if your queen is thát happy with her crown
    (or : maybe not happy with her subjects .....? )

  5. I don't think she's unhappy. She's just serious. Wearing a crown is a responsible job! Love her crown, it's so realistic!

  6. Oh it would be heady work wearing a golden crown! She looks very responsible and dignified. xo Carole

  7. Dear Sus,
    I really like that crown... the gemstones... the wolf holding the orb! Her facial expression impressing me... her strain... bossy!


  8. I think this woman rules! You can see it in her eyes, love the rown, powerfull. I just saw your other post and what you're making with texile, I love it, they look wonderful! I wish I could handle a needle;-)))

  9. oh what a power! It´s like moving away from the computer and come back nearer to watch in her eyes... a very strong lady, a queen for sure. the crown with the wolf (?) very nice.
    thanks for playing
    x Stefanie

  10. Hey thanks for your nice comment!
    Oh, this is a very strong look!
    good illustration congratulations!

  11. Hey Sus

    Great colours you have going here the eyes have it and the jewels in the crown work well too.

    I like!

    Helen xx

  12. dear sus, your woman is so beautiful, she looks quite satisfied and reposing, but also powerful. I love her! :-) mano


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